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High quality amenities and the characteristic architecture of minimal, modern undercover buildings will make the most of your stay in your private suite. The suites are located near the Castle of Oia, the island's prominent monument with rich history. The charismatic personality of the owner led to the acquisition of the name "Fotinos" and this tradition has survived for 3 generations.
Discover the uniqueness of Oia and admire the magnificent backdrop of the caldera, in an enchanting atmosphere. Rejuvenate your body and soul with the most transcendent and glittering scenery, with spectacular views of the volcano and the endless horizon. The unmatched natural beauty, the imposing landscapes and the sunset views from your own, comfortable balcony ... Deliver on this great holiday experience and create precious memories of a life in Santorini!

Oia is the most famous settlement of Santorini island, Well known in the rest of the world for the unique sunset. A glimpse of eternal beauty for all the people who have the chance of a lifetime to admire it from this location.Get a Santorini scooter rental company from the oldest company on the island, with well-trained staff, we can also provide services throughout the island.

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